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of Screen Directors
have feelings of loneliness and isolation

- Screen Well

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of film industry workers in BC reported personally using or knowing someone who has or is currently using substances or alcohol to cope with work related stress

- Set Protect Commercial Film Survey 2022

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moderate to severe levels of anxiety are 10 times higher for arts & entertainment workers compared to the general population

- Entertainment Assist

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Health and well-being support 
for the arts & entertainment industry
in Canada

Created by industry workers

for industry workers

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Available Services

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On Site

Why Set Protect?

We’re a one-stop-shop

We have different options to suit your health support needs and budget. 

We offer flexible contracts

We can cover your production for any amount of time, prep through to post, all cast and crew. We don’t lock you into a long term contract and there is no minimum financial commitment.

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We come from the film industry
We understand the challenges and needs of our people, and how our industry works - we speak your language.


We do all the work for you
No HR department? No worries. No need to add this onto someone’s existing job role or hire extra labour. No navigating the many healthcare options out there, no managing of any admin, software, or promotion of the coverage. We do it all.


Available Canada wide

We can facilitate health and well-being solutions across Canada.

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picture of Alice, founder of Set Protect

The Set Protect Story

Alice's background is rooted in Production within the Commercial and Non-Union film industry in Vancouver, BC. In early 2021 she co-founded Set Protect to cater to the COVID-19 pandemic by tying the film industry and the medical industry together.

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