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  • What is Set Protect?
    Set Protect is a production services company that provides health and well-being support to the arts & entertainment industry in Canada. This means that we see where there are gaps in this field and then create services to fill those gaps. We do this by partnering with qualified medical providers and then tailoring their services so that they are accessible and suitable for our industry's unique needs. Our services are created from lived experience within the film industry paired with research and statistical data to back the need for this support. We currently provide: - Memberships that give access to virtual physical and mental healthcare for individuals and organizations. - On set and off set workshops - Consulting services - Public speaking at film festivals and events - Resources - On set counselling *COMING SOON*
  • Who is Set Protect for?
    Set Protect is for every individual and every organization in the arts & entertainment industry. We offer support for everyone at every level, nationwide in Canada. Go to our about us page to learn more.
  • How do I get access to Set Protect's services?
    For Memberships: Head over to our Memberships page and pick your plan. Once you've signed up, you'll be sent login information and instructions to access the healthcare coverage you selected. From there, you will have full access to the platform. We can also provide membership coverage for organizations, businesses, productions, unions and guilds. Reach out to us for a group quote. For Workshops and Consulting: Contact us at to discuss your needs, so that we can create the best option for your team. For Resources: A Set Protect Membership gives access to resources within the healthcare platform. We also have a Resources tab on our website for curated, relevant, and film specific information relating to health and well-being.
  • What does a Set Protect Membership include?
    Our memberships give full access our provider's healthcare platform, on a subscription basis. It includes both mental health and physical health coverage.
  • What services are included in Telemedicine?
    With our Total Well-being Membership you will have access to Telemedicine within minutes. Included services are: - General Medical Advice Cold and Flu Symptoms, Rash, Headaches, eye pain, allergic reactions, joint pain, back pain, asthma exacerbation, covid exposure, women’s health, sexual health, child and infant care. - Diet, Nutrition and Lifestyle Concerns Nutrition advice, sleep support, exercise, substance and alcohol use. - New and Refill Prescriptions Avoid the back and forth with pharmacies and doctors and get your prescription easily and quickly. - Sick Notes, Lab work Requests and Lab Results Get a sick note, requests for lab work such as blood tests and review your results with a clinician. - Referrals for Specialists Whether you don’t have a family doctor or are looking for a trusted referral to a healthcare specialist we have a directory of over 20,000+ specialists in the country that we can connect you with.
  • What accreditations do medical professionals have that Set Protect engages with?
    All medical professionals are Canadian licensed and practice currently, here in Canada.
  • Is it confidential to use Set Protect's services?
    Yes. We take the utmost care to ensure confidentiality of anyone who uses Set Protect's services. Set Protect will only have access to the information provided at the time of purchasing your Membership. This includes: First name, last name, email, date of birth, credit card and billing info. No other information will be shared at any time between any medical provider and Set Protect, apart from high level reporting of their platforms including usage, general themes and trends of usage by users. These reports do not include any personal information whatsoever. The only exceptions to confidentiality include those governed by law. For example, we are required to release documents under court subpoena, and we have a duty to intervene and report if a consultant or counsellor deems an individual to be at imminent risk of harm to self or others. You can read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use for more information. You can also access the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use for each provider on their websites, or by contacting them directly.
  • Can I get Set Protect Memberships for my entire team / organization?
    Absolutely. Please contact us for more information on group rates and your organization's needs.
  • How does Set Protect work in conjunction with the health plans of IATSE, DGC, Teamsters, and other guilds?
    Set Protect offers a different service that is different to health benefits. Health benefits are claimable outside of work after visiting specialty health practitioners. Our memberships include access to telemedicine for physical health as well as advanced mental healthcare, that is accessible inside of work. It is health coverage that can be purchased in addition to health benefits. Our virtual healthcare options close the gap between not being able to access healthcare while in production, and enable extra costs incurred through the platform (additional therapy sessions, or seeing a specialty healthcare provider, for example) to be claimed back through your benefits program. It creates an eco system of healthcare that is accessible at all times.
  • What accessibility to health and well-being does a Set Protect Membership provide?
    365 days a year, anywhere in Canada, from your phone or computer. One of the biggest reasons why entertainment industry workers are not seeking the help they need is because of inaccessibility: Not being able to leave set / stage / location Not having regular work hours to be able to make an appointment with a healthcare professional Not having the time or capacity to go to a walk-in clinic outside of set Not having a family doctor Having a family doctor but having to wait days or weeks for an appointment Not having an employer or union / guild to supply health support: freelance, non-union, working towards union membership, working in a film role that is non-unionized (covid workers and intimacy professionals, for example) Having an employer or being a member of a union / guild but they do not supply this kind of health support By providing entertainment workers with virtual healthcare coverage it removes these access barriers and enables them to access the care they need.
  • Why would a union / guild / organization use Set Protect to provide virtual health to their members or employees, instead of going directly to them?
    Virtual healthcare is new technology that is constantly developing and changing. By choosing Set Protect as your provider of this service you are: - Not adding this task to anyone's current job role within your organization, and therefore not having to train someone to use the technology; constantly keeping up to date with it, as well as handling all admin - Having a dedicated team that speaks your entertainment industry language - we understand your needs We take the following off your plate: - Management of all member additions and removals, whenever you need - Payments - you pay Set Protect directly - and are only charged per members you sign-up - Ensuring you have a flexible contract option with no minimum term - All admin associated with your account - Healthcare knowledge of best options in the market By choosing Set Protect you are utilizing our expertise to look after this new and developing tool, to provide the best well-being experience to your members or team. We are here to do the legwork for you!
  • Can my family be covered by my Set Protect Membership?
    Yes! Our Total Well-Being For All Beings Membership allows both spouse/partner and dependents to be added to your coverage for free.
  • Will I have access to the services in my Set Protect Membership while I’m travelling?
    Yes! You have unlimited access to our virtual healthcare services while you are travelling within Canada. When outside Canada: you can still be connected to health professionals to continue treatments and programs, as well as being able to utilize Telehealth for medical advice. You will not be able to receive prescriptions however, if you require them.
  • How does Set Protect support the well-being needs of diverse communities?
    Set Protect is an inclusive and safe space for all people. Our mental healthcare platforms can match you with someone with a similar lived experience (such as cultural background) and you can even request that they speak the same language as you.
  • Why should Canadians use virtual healthcare?
    Accessible - Available from your phone or computer, you can be connected to 24/7 nationwide car Versatile - No health concern is too small, whether for acute care, ongoing health issues, or quick advice. People with colds and flus can save trips to the clinic, many prescriptions for common conditions can be sent directly to your local pharmacy for pick-up, and users can access their virtual health record directly on their phone. Time-saving - Virtual care avoids wait times of having to go in person to a clinic. Stress reducing - Obtaining quick and trusted advice reduces stress and empowers people to better self-manage their health.
  • Can I use my Set Protect Membership for emergencies?
    No, please call 911 if you are having a medical emergency.


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