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Set Protect

Set Protect is a services company that provides health and well-being support to the arts & entertainment industry in Canada.

We do this by partnering with qualified medical providers then tailoring their services so that they are accessible and suitable for our industry's unique needs.

Our services are created from lived experience within the film industry paired with industry input, research, and statistical data to back the need for this support.

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Who Is Set Protect For?

Set Protect is for film, television, arts, and entertainment industry workers and their affiliates, on an individual or organizational level, who are looking for health and well-being support in Canada. We offer different solutions for all budget levels.


We want to make sure that everyone has access to health and well-being support anytime and anywhere, to combat the barriers our workplaces have created in accessing the help we need.

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Alice Ride, Founder

Meet Our Founder

Alice's background is rooted in Production within the Commercial and Non-Union film industry in Vancouver, BC. When the pandemic hit we needed film specific COVID-19 compliant services to continue operations, so in early 2021 Alice co-founded Set Protect to cater to the COVID-19 pandemic by tying the film industry and the medical industry together.


As the pandemic drew on, it was becoming clear that film industry workers were lacking the support to be able to continue working in a way that maintained their well-being. Returning to work at full pace paired with trauma from the pandemic was compounding the already immense pressure we feel in this industry.

Alice is trained in both Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) and The Working Mind (TWM) for Managers through the Mental Health Commission on Canada. She is also trained in various Actsafe courses, as well as Anti-Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace.

Alice has also taken part in Worksafe BC’s Return to Work Program, so she can support injured workers return to work following workplace injuries. She can provide the guidance and support they need during recovery, mentally and physically.

Alice currently sits on the board of members for Actsafe’s Motion Picture Standing Committee (MPSC) as the representative for the Commercial Production Association of Western Canada (CPAWC).

Alongside the Covid work we were carrying out, we began training in Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) to be able to serve our community better, as we could see that our film industry colleagues were seeing our business as a safe space to talk about their personal challenges. Our industry was not okay.

This training and lived experience then led to the creation of the next chapter of Set Protect; a business model built to serve a post-pandemic film industry, centred around health and well-being. Fundamentally, we continue to tie the medical industry to the entertainment industry.

Alice is now actively changing the language and culture around mental health and well-being within the industry, including bullying and harassment. She has personally witnessed how talking about mental health has changed not only herself but her circle of friends and family, some of whom have since sought professional help after many years - or even a lifetime - of not seeking the help they needed. By creating a safe and supportive space it can change, and even save, lives. It is truly ok to not be okay!

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