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Our series delves into the lives of the Canadian film industry community, immersing ourselves in their unique stories of struggle, recovery, and hopes for the future. 


Sharing personal stories about our challenges reinforces feelings of strength. It is also a powerful tool to combat stigma and shame. By “being seen” through our stories, we have a greater sense of belonging, it connects us to our communities and the people within them. It has the power to create cultural change within those communities.


Sharing our experiences inspires others to seek the help and support they need, as well as healing ourselves in the process. We hope something in this series resonates with you, and that you also feel seen by watching. 

"We need to talk about [mental health] more. Acknowledge people’s struggles. I’m just one of many, many, many people out there currently that are going through a hard time."

Justin Stewart
Assistant Director


E01 - Justin's Story

Justin Stewart
Assistant Director
Bipolar II

E02 - Jen's Story

Jen Pogue
Producer & Actor
Breast Cancer

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