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- Worksafe BC injury claims and return to work support

- Psychological health and safety for the workplace

- Anti-bullying and harassment


Provide health and well-being support to your employees, production, members, or community.

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We can provide support for any injured worker during their recovery, who are unable to work due to a workplace injury.

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Virtual Healthcare Coverage for Groups

To learn more about what virtual healthcare looks like for your team, production, project or organization - send us a message with details about your needs to get started.

Contributes to culture change
By providing support it helps reduce stigma associated with seeking help and promotes awareness about mental health in the workplace. It sends a message to your people that you value them.


It can save lives
Virtual healthcare can offer the support to someone who truly needs it in a dark time, when they don’t know where to go or who to talk to. It is simple to use and gives immediate access.

The Benefits of Virtual Healthcare for Organizations

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It makes mental healthcare accessible
Virtual healthcare removes access barriers that we face when working in the arts & entertainment industry. These barriers look like: not being able to seek professional help during business hours (both singular and ongoing appointments), no sick days or annual leave days, stigma/emotional barriers, and cost.

More than 1 in 2 people struggling with their mental health aren’t getting the help they need

- Bell Let’s Talk

Virtual healthcare is both a preventative tool and treatment tool
Removing access barriers means that workers are more likely to access the treatment they need, and for a sufficient amount of time to minimize relapses. This allows for more effective early-intervention and ensures that at-risk workers get the care they need.

Mitigate workplace incident claims and disability claims
Mental health issues in the workplace result in lost productivity, higher turnover, disability claims, and cost Canadian businesses billions of dollars every year. Virtual healthcare support mitigates these issues by making mental healthcare options accessible anytime and anywhere, Canada wide.

 20% of film professionals haven’t seen their doctor in over 5 years


It removes strain on the Canadian healthcare system and provides people with access to healthcare that they would struggle to access otherwise. 

Currently 30% of disability claims in Canada are mental health claims

- CloudMD

Attract new talent to the film industry - and keep them from leaving
According to a study published by the Harvard Business Review, half of millennials and 75% of Gen Z-ers have left a job due to mental health reasons.


1 in 5 Canadians - about 6 million Canadian adults - do not have a family doctor


- Angus Reid Institute

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Workshops & Peer Support Groups

We offer workshops that are tailored to your team's needs. Both virtual and in person workshops are available.

Topics range from mental health 101 to inclusion and diversity, substance use and addiction, building resiliency, navigating change, bullying and harassment, communication and relationships, trauma, grief, and almost anything else related to health and well-being that you are looking to educate your organization or team on. They can be individually or workplace focussed.

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58% of film industry workers said they would like to have access to a counsellor

- Set Protect Commercial Film Survey, 2022

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